New project seeks to bring hydrogen fuel cell generators to Europe

European Union Flag - Hydrogen Fuel in Europe

Everywh2ere project will replace diesel generators with hydrogen-powered counterparts A new project has been launched in the European Union. The project is called Everywh2ere and intends to create replacements for conventional diesel generators. Twelve companies from across Europe will be participating in the project over the next five years. The European Union has invested some $8.6 million into the initiative. If successful, the project will produce generators that are powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Prototype generators will be tested at public events and construction sites The project will be integrating…

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New hydrogen fuel study project to launch in Sweden

PowerCell partners with other companies to launch promising new project PowerCell Sweden, a company specializing in hydrogen fuel, has launched a new study project that is aimed at the development of a new system that is able to store and produce hydrogen through the use of excess electrical power. This energy would be generated through wind and solar power systems that have already been developed in Sweden. Fuel cells will be using the hydrogen fuel generated through this system to produce backup electrical power. Surplus clean energy can be used…

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New hydrogen fuel station to open in Gothenburg, Sweden

New fueling station scheduled to open on October 26 of this year Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, now has its own hydrogen fuel station, which is expected to begin public service on October 26 of this year. The fueling station has been developed by PowerCell Sweden, Hydrogen Sweden, Sweco AB, and Oy Woikoski. These companies have worked together to bring new technology to the country and help develop a hydrogen infrastructure. This infrastructure is needed in order for fuel cell vehicles to find success, but very few of…

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Swedish Energy Agency awards funding to developer of fuel cells

PowerCell has won $530,000 in funding from the Swedish Energy Agency The Swedish Energy Agency has awarded PowerCell Sweden, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, approximately $530,000 in funding. This funding will be used by PowerCell to develop a modular fuel cell system for stationary applications. This new project aims to demonstrate the capabilities of stationary fuel cells, showing how they can be used for electrical power in various sectors. Stationary fuel cells have long been used for industrial purposes, but they are also becoming more popular for residential energy.…

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PowerCell Sweden wins innovation award from Frost & Sullivan

Renewable Energy Business

PowerCell Sweden is the recipient of the 2012 European Technology Innovation Award Frost & Sullivan, a leading business research and consulting firm, has awarded its 2012 European Technology Innovation Award to PowerCell Sweden AB, a Swedish developer of fuel cell energy systems. The company produced the Powerpac auxiliary power unit, which has garnered acclaim throughout the world in the numerous industries it is used. The innovative product is considered to be a promising bridge between existing fuel infrastructures and those that are based on hydrogen fuel. Powerpak system converts fossil-fuel…

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