New project seeks to bring hydrogen fuel cell generators to Europe

New project seeks to bring hydrogen fuel cell generators to Europe

March 2, 2018 0 By Stephen Vagus

Everywh2ere project will replace diesel generators with hydrogen-powered counterparts

A new project has been launched in the European Union. The project is called Everywh2ere and intends to create replacements for conventional diesel generators. Twelve companies from across Europe will be participating in the project over the next five years. The European Union has invested some $8.6 million into the initiative. If successful, the project will produce generators that are powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Prototype generators will be tested at public events and construction sites

The project will be integrating already existing proton exchange membrane fuel cells for its new generators. These energy systems are lightweight and portable, allowing them to be used in nearly any environment. Prototype generators will first be tested at construction sites, music festivals, and public events. The first long-term applications of these energy systems will likely be used to provide emergency electrical power. As the generators are powered by hydrogen fuel, they do not produce emissions like their diesel-powered counterparts.

PowerCell Sweden will be a major part of the Everywh2ere project

PowerCell Sweden will be playing a major role in the Everywh2ere project. The company will be receiving approximately $1 million of the projects funding. The company has said that its technology will be at the heart of the project. PowerCell has significant experience with hydrogen fuel cells and how they can be used to provide electricity. Once the generators are ready, they are expected to be deployed throughout Europe over the next five years.

Hydrogen fuel cells are becoming more popular in Europe

Europe is becoming heavily invested in clean technology and renewable energy. Hydrogen fuel cells have managed to garner significant support in several countries throughout the region. In some cases, these energy systems are being used to replace older power solutions that rely heavily on fossil-fuels. Notably, hydrogen fuel cells have begun to see extensive use in the transportation sector, where they are being used to power new vehicles that produce no harmful emissions. Europe is expected to remain a prominent market for fuel cells well into the future.

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