PowerCell Sweden wins innovation award from Frost & Sullivan

PowerCell Sweden wins innovation award from Frost & Sullivan

November 8, 2012 0 By John Max

Powercell Sweden Hydrogen fuel industry

PowerCell Sweden is the recipient of the 2012 European Technology Innovation Award

Frost & Sullivan, a leading business research and consulting firm, has awarded its 2012 European Technology Innovation Award to PowerCell Sweden AB, a Swedish developer of fuel cell energy systems. The company produced the Powerpac auxiliary power unit, which has garnered acclaim throughout the world in the numerous industries it is used. The innovative product is considered to be a promising bridge between existing fuel infrastructures and those that are based on hydrogen fuel.

Powerpak system converts fossil-fuel products into clean energy

The Powerpak system from PowerCell Sweden is designed to generate electricity using hydrogen fuel, just like other types of fuel cells. The system is capable of reformatting gas products, such as petroleum, into hydrogen or methane through a chemical process. This has made the technology quite valuable in industries that have a large supply of fossil-fuels but are being pressured to adopt a more environmentally friendly form of energy. The Powerpak is also widely used in industrial vehicles, such as large trucks, to expand their fuel efficiency.

System could be widely used in the auto industry

Because the energy system can reform fossil-fuel products, it does not rely solely on a single kind of fuel infrastructure. This makes it attractive for countries where an expansive hydrogen fuel infrastructure has not yet been established. Moreover, PowerCell Sweden has designed the energy system to optimize existing vehicles rather than convert them to run solely on hydrogen fuel. This means that the energy system could be incorporated into any kind of existing vehicle, industrial or otherwise, with modest engineering.

Award may garner PowerCell Sweden more support

Backed by the Frost & Sullivan award, PowerCell Sweden is expected to attract a great deal of interest for its innovative fuel cell products. This interest may translate into investments from parties interested in alternative energy and hydrogen fuel. Such investments would help the company continue to produce fuel cell products that are capable of closing the gap that exists between the fossil-fuels and clean fuel infrastructures.

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