Solar energy is suffering in China due to air pollution

Solar Energy - Air Pollution

Research shows that air pollution is cutting into solar production in China Air pollution is having an impact on solar energy production in China, according to research from Princeton University. China has been aggressively expanding its solar capacity in recent years. The country has become one of the world’s leading renewable energy markets, but China’s air pollution problem is having a detrimental impact on some of the country’s solar energy systems. In order for solar energy to continue to thrive in China, the country will have to take steps to…

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Researchers in New Jersey make a clean technology breakthrough

Clean technology project taps into the power of photosynthesis Researchers from Princeton University have been working with Liquid Light, a technology startup based in New Jersey, and have made a major breakthrough in fuel cell technology. Through a collaborative effort, the research team has been able to transform a combination of water and carbon dioxide into formic acid using a fuel cell powered by solar energy. The solar power used for this project was provided by Public Service Electric and Gas of New Jersey. Solar powered fuel cell is able…

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Synthetic fuel may replace crude oil one day

Synthetic Fuel Research Princeton University

Synthetic fuel boasts of promising implications for the US Synthetic fuel may be a viable alternative to fossil-fuels, according to researchers from Princeton University. Moreover, researches from the university suggest that synthetic fuel could actually replace fossil-fuels altogether, without making any drastic changes to current transportation technology and fuel infrastructure. There are several economic implications concerning the use of synthetic fuel as well, which have begun attracting more attention as the U.S. begins to aggressively look for a suitable alternative to traditional forms of power. Researchers highlight the benefits of…

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Flash memory could make data centers more efficient

Alternative Energy Research

Energy consumption beginning to spiral out of control As technology continues to play a larger role in the lives of many, the consumption of data slowly grows. Data centers are the foundation upon which the technology world is built. Without these data centers, the Internet and various other technological services would not be possible. Though considered a necessity, data centers are beginning to gain a bad reputation for the amount of energy they consume; the more data that is required, the more electricity that is used to keep servers operating.…

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