Solar energy is suffering in China due to air pollution

Solar energy is suffering in China due to air pollution

October 25, 2017 0 By Stephen Vagus

Research shows that air pollution is cutting into solar production in China

Air pollution is having an impact on solar energy production in China, according to research from Princeton University. China has been aggressively expanding its solar capacity in recent years. The country has become one of the world’s leading renewable energy markets, but China’s air pollution problem is having a detrimental impact on some of the country’s solar energy systems. In order for solar energy to continue to thrive in China, the country will have to take steps to reduce pollution.

Sunlight is struggling to make it through clouds of smog

The research from Princeton University suggests that air pollution is blocking approximately 20% of sunlight in certain regions. This problem is more prominent during the winter months. The research shows that air pollution is particularly bad in eastern parts of China. In these regions, solar energy is facing a somewhat unique challenge. Due to the high concentration of fossil-fuel consumption in these regions, aerosol pollution is particularly high, preventing solar power systems from generating electricity in an efficient manner.

China is working to cut emissions and resolve its air pollution problem

China has been fighting air pollution for some time. The country has made relatively modest progress in this endeavor, having yet to find any significant success on cutting emissions. The growth of renewable energy has helped China reduce air pollution to some degree, but the country is still heavily reliant on fossil-fuels. The research may help provide some momentum to China’s efforts, but the country will need to take aggressive steps to reduce air pollution if it wants solar energy to play a major role in its future.

India also has a pollution problem that is impacting solar power production

China is not the only country where air pollution is causing trouble for solar power. India has a similar issue, where high concentrations of pollution are having a negative impact on solar energy production. Many countries have come to embrace solar power in order to become more environmentally friendly, but this trend is being offset by pollution that is blocking sunlight from reaching solar panels.

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