Tesla begins production of its new solar cells

Solar Cells - Collection of solar tiles

Tesla facility in New York has begun manufacturing new solar products Tesla Motors has begun production of its new solar cells in Buffalo, New York. These new solar cells will be used in the company’s roof tiles. These roof tiles are designed to generate electricity from the sun, providing power to homeowners. While Tesla has, traditionally, been involved in clean transportation, the company has embraced a strong interest in solar energy. Recently, Tesla acquired its sister company, SolarCity, in order to establish a foothold in the solar market. Establishing a…

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Tesla and Panasonic to develop more solar energy products next year

Solar Energy Partnership

Tesla forms a new deal with Panasonic Tesla Motors has announced that it will be working more closely with Panasonic in the solar energy space. Together, the companies will begin work on manufacturing photovoltaic cells and modules. Plans to do so were first outlined two months ago, when the companies signed a non-binding letter of intent. Per the letter of intent, the companies aim to use their new photovoltaic cells to provide power for Tesla’s energy storage solutions, the Powerwall and Powerpack. New facility to be built in Buffalo, New…

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Solar energy “gigafactory” coming to New York

SolarCity has plans to build a gigafactory of its own in New York SolarCity, a leading solar energy company, has plans to build its own “gigafactory” in New York. The company was founded with the aid of Elon Musk, one of the founders of Tesla Motors. Tesla has been working on developing its own gigafactory that will be responsible for the manufacture of next generation lithium-ion batteries that plan to be more efficient and less expensive than current models. SolarCity’s factory will have a similar purpose and may go a…

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SolarCity announces acquisition of solar energy company

SolarCity purchases Silveo for $200 million Leading solar energy company SolarCity has announced its acquisition of Silevo, a manufacturer of highly efficient solar panels. SolarCity acquired Silveo for some $200 million and plans to put the company’s technology to use in a facility located in New York. This facility will be responsible for manufacturing new photovoltaic products and is expected to begin operation at some point within the next two years. The technology from Silveo may help SolarCity further solidify its dominance in the solar energy sector. Solar power continues…

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