South Australia plans to build a new concentrated solar energy system

Solar Energy - Sunrise and landscape

Government awards contract for new energy system to SolarReserve The South Australia government has awarded a contract for a new solar energy system to SolarReserve. Per the contract, the company will be responsible for the development of a 150 megawatt solar thermal power plant that will be built near Port Augusta. The project will take advantage of concentrated sunlight in order to generate heat and electrical power. The new solar energy system could help resolve some of South Australia’s problems with reliable power. State continues to support clean energy in…

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Nevada solar energy market may get a boost thanks to world’s largest solar project

Largest solar project in the world is being built in Nevada Nevada’s solar energy market recently suffered a grievous blow due to legislation being enacted within the state. The legislation requires solar customers to pay more for the electricity they consume through the use of photovoltaic systems. This legislation has had a dramatic impact on the state’s solar energy market, with some developers opting to abandon the state due to poor business prospects. Nevada is, however, home to what will become the world’s largest solar power project, which is expected…

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SolarReserve looks to build large solar energy project in Saudi Arabia

Solar Energy - Saudi Arabia

Company has plans for an ambitious solar energy project in Saudi Arabia SolarReserve, a solar energy developer based in the U.S., has plans to build an ambitious solar farm in Saudi Arabia. Like other countries in the Middle Eastern region, Saudi Arabia is exposed to a great deal of solar radiation year-round. This exposure makes the country an ideal home for solar energy projects and these projects have received a great deal of interest from the Saudi Arabian government recently. The country’s apparent support for solar energy may be good…

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Ambitious solar energy system in Nevada reaches new milestone

Nevada Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project

Solar energy project moves a step closer to completion Nevada’s Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project has reached a new milestone this week as workers complete the installation of receiver panels atop the project’s 540-foot tower. Crescent Dunes is an ambitious solar thermal power project that makes use of molten salt thermal technology. Once completed, it is expected to be the largest solar energy system of its kind in the world and will produce some 110 megawatts of electrical power. The project is currently scheduled to be completed at the end…

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Solar energy project wins approval from California utility

Solar Energy Could Double

Pacific Gas and Electric to purchase solar energy from SolarReserve The California Public Utilities Commission has announced the approval of a new energy purchase agreement through Pacific Gas and Electric. The agreement would allow Pacific Gas and Electric to purchase electricity from SolarReserve, a leading solar energy company with a utility-scale solar power system in California. The system is called the Rice Solar Energy Project and boasts of a capacity of 150 megawatts. Through the new power purchase agreement, Pacific Gas and Electric will have access to a portion of…

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