Air Products to leave waste-to-energy business

An inability to resolve operation and design issues has lead to the company shutting down its W2E business. Air Products & Chemicals Inc. has announced that it will be closing down its struggling waste-to-energy (W2E) operation after it failed to efficiently resolve operational and design challenges, reported The Wall Street Journal. The initial promise was for the company’s planned renewable energy plants to power over 100,000 UK homes. In addition to powering thousands of homes in England, the two energy from waste plants that had been planned by Air Products…

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Reinventing the toilet: Gates foundation funds research into generating energy from human waste

Gates Foundation’s Global Development

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is gearing up to bring a new generation of high-tech toilets to poor countries. The foundation has announced that it will be investing more than $42 million in the development of new toilets that are designed to turn waste into energy. Scientists researching alternative energy have pegged this particular area of study as promising, but little has been done in the way of developing a system that could convert bodily functions into usable energy. Nonetheless, the foundation is seeking promising projects that could reinvent…

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