New catalyst could lead to mass production for fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - New Research

Researchers develop nanoalloy that can be used for fuel cell catalysts Researchers from the Chalmers University of Technology and the Technical University of Denmark have found that it is possible to develop a highly effective fuel cell catalyst without using platinum. These catalysts make use of a newly created nanoalloy. This nanoalloy has been developed using a new production technique. According to researchers, the new catalysts are perfectly suited for mass production, which may be a major boon for fuel cell vehicles in the coming years. Fuel cell vehicles could…

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KOGAS and Technical University of Denmark team to improve fuel cell technology

Organizations enter agreement to attempt to commercialize hydrogen fuel cells The Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) has signed a memorandum understanding with the Technical University of Denmark to research and develop new fuel cell technology. The two organizations believe that this technology holds a great deal of promise, both as primary energy systems and for use in the transportation space. Together, the organizations will seek to identify and solve the challenges facing the commercialization of fuel cell systems and develop new technology that may be beneficial to the fuel cell space…

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Danish researchers aim to develop organic hydrogen fuel cell

Improving fuel cell technology is becoming a priority for researchers in Europe Hydrogen fuel cells are becoming more attractive solutions for a variety of sectors, including transportation. These energy systems have become famous for their ability to generate electrical power without also producing harmful emissions. Fuel cells consume hydrogen to produce energy, and this fuel is quite abundant. One of the drawbacks of these energy systems is their high cost, which is due to the fact that they are comprised of expensive materials, such as platinum. New project aims to…

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New atlas could benefit wind energy in the future

Researchers develop new wind atlas for the Great Lakes region Researchers from Cornell University and the Technical University of Denmark have compiled the first observational wind atlas of the Great Lakes region in North America. The data was gathered using weather stations, buoys, and information from NASA satellites and provides a high definition look at the wind currents in the region. The atlas may be a major benefit for wind energy n the Great Lakes area, which is becoming more popular, especially in the United States. Atlas will provide energy…

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Researchers in Denmark develop new catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells

Finding a replacement for platinum may help make fuel cells more attractive One of the major detractors of fuel cell is that they are extremely expensive. This is largely due to their use of platinum, which is one of the most expensive materials in the world. Platinum is typically used to form the catalysts that fuel cells need in order to produce electrical power through electrochemical processes. The fuel cell industry, as a hole, has been researching alternatives to platinum catalysts, but finding material that can work as well as…

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Researchers trying to reduce hydrogen fuel cell price in Denmark

Cost of Hydrogen Production Predicted to go Down

Researchers in Denmark, led by Professor Ib Chorkendorff of the Technical University of Denmark, have discovered yet another way to reduce the costs of hydrogen fuel cells. They have found a material that can replace platinum catalysts within fuel cell units. In doing so, they can reduce the overall cost of fuel cells dramatically. While cost is not the only challenge facing the acceptance of hydrogen fuel today, it is certainly one of the most daunting and difficult to overcome. As technological advances continue to push fuel cells into viability,…

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