KOGAS and Technical University of Denmark team to improve fuel cell technology

June 10, 2016 0 By Stephen Vagus

Organizations enter agreement to attempt to commercialize hydrogen fuel cells

The Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) has signed a memorandum understanding with the Technical University of Denmark to research and develop new fuel cell technology. The two organizations believe that this technology holds a great deal of promise, both as primary energy systems and for use in the transportation space. Together, the organizations will seek to identify and solve the challenges facing the commercialization of fuel cell systems and develop new technology that may be beneficial to the fuel cell space as a whole.

Technology from two organizations may go a long way in bolstering the fuel cell industry

KOGAS has developed hydrogen fuel production technology in the past, which is a core technology for fuel cells. This technology is designed to generate hydrogen in an efficient manner, making it more available to those interested in using fuel cells as energy systems. The Technical University of Denmark owns its own advanced technology that consumes hydrogen to generate electrical power. These organizations are prepared to use these technologies in order to improve fuel cell technology and ensure that these promising energy systems are able to meet their full potential.

Commercialization of fuel cells continues to be a challenge in some sectors

Fuel Cell Technology PartnershipCommercializing fuel cells has proven to be a difficult endeavor for some organizations. These energy systems are typically comprised of very expensive materials, such as platinum, which makes the costs of fuel cells quite high when compared to conventional energy solutions. Hydrogen production is also heavily reliant on fossil-fuels as conventional production techniques require a great deal of energy. A lacking hydrogen infrastructure has made it difficult for fuel cells to find traction in some sectors.

Improving fuel cells has become a priority for many organizations

Through the memorandum of understanding, KOGAS and the Technical University of Denmark will attempt to successfully commercialize fuel cells in the future. The organizations intend to secure the continued growth of the fuel cell industry, as fuel cells may serve as a very prominent source of electrical power in the coming years and this industry could unlock new economic opportunities in some parts of the world.

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