More than half of Scotland’s power came from renewable energy in 2015

Scotland surpasses clean power targets that had been established last year Scotland has managed to meet a key target in its journey to rely more heavily on clean power. The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change has released information that shows that more than half of Scotland’s energy came from renewable sources in 2015. Last year, Scotland aimed to derive no less than 50% of its energy from renewable sources, but has managed to surpass this target by 7.7% using a variety of clean power solutions. Government is showing…

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UK may end up being the largest solar energy market in Europe

The UK may become the largest solar market in Europe by the end of this year The United Kingdom may end up becoming the largest solar market in Europe by the end of this year, according to a new report from NPD Solarbuzz. The country has shown strong support for solar power in the past, but has recently been focusing more heavily on wind energy. Nonetheless, solar energy has managed to establish a strong foothold in the country thanks to government initiatives and organizations in the private sector working to…

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Hydrogen fuel cell developer wins grant from UK government

Hydrogen fuel cells continue to gain support in the UK Ceres Power, a developer of residential hydrogen fuel cell systems, has been awarded a $1.5 million grant from the United Kingdom’s Department of Energy and Climate Change. The agency has been working to establish the United Kingdom as a world leader in low-carbon technologies and has put a strong focus on fuel cells and other such clean energy systems. While fuel cells remain quite popular in the transportation sector, these energy systems are beginning to gain more attention for their…

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United Kingdom pushes to be leader in success of hydrogen-powered vehicles

Clean Transportation

UK continues to work toward preparing itself for hydrogen transportation In January of this year, the government of the United Kingdom initiated a plan that would establish the country as a key player in the commercial launch of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The global auto industry has been working feverishly to prepare the world for hydrogen transportation for years. Most major automakers currently have plans to release hydrogen-powered vehicles into the commercial market in the next few years and many of these companies have worked to establish a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure…

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U.S. and UK team for ambitious offshore wind energy project

Offshore Wind Energy - Floating turbines

Offshore wind farm could be the largest in the Atlantic Ocean The United States and United Kingdom are to join forces to develop a new wind energy projects in the Atlantic Ocean. U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu is expected reveal more information regarding the partnership along with Edward Davey, Secretary of the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change. The partnership will be one of the largest collaboration on wind energy in the world and is likely to produce the largest offshore wind farm in the Atlantic Ocean.…

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Turning waste into electricity proves to be a lucrative business for one company in the UK

Waste to energy

  As alternative energy becomes more popular around the world, those interested in hydrogen are finding new ways to generate and use the fuel. Hydrogen has become one of the most promising of all renewable forms of energy as fuel cells, the engines that run on hydrogen gas, can be used in a myriad of ways. As many companies look for innovative ways to use fuel cells, they are finding the need to generate large amounts of hydrogen gas. One company in the United Kingdom believes it has found the…

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UK looks to team with U.S. for ambitious home improvement project

Biofuel research

As the United Kingdom continues its slow but steady pursuit of alternative energy, the government is beginning to see the need to look for foreign partners if it wants to make progress on its sustainability goals. The current available of alternative in the UK is admirable, but not enough to match the demand for new energy systems and the country’s persistence on achieving its goals. As such, the UK is now looking to the U.S. to help with an ambitious project that was launched last year. The Energy Act of…

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New reactor that consumes nuclear waste could power the UK for 500 years

Nuclear Waste

Wherever nuclear power is concerned, nuclear waste presents a significant problem. The waste generated by nuclear power plants cannot be disposed of and is usually contained in steel drums and buried underground or held in secure facilities. In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan, which was sparked by a powerful earthquake last year, many nations around the world have begun abandoning nuclear energy, but are unable to cut ties with nuclear waste. In the United Kingdom, the Department of Energy and Climate Change may have found a…

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