England to test road that could wirelessly charge electric cars

Future highways could have a special lane that recharges electric vehicle batteries while these green cars are on the move. In an effort to both help encourage more drivers to purchase electric cars and alleviate range anxiety – the term used to describe the fear electric and plug-in vehicle drivers have of running out of power while driving in the middle of nowhere – Britain is exploring a new way to charge these eco cars by equipping roads with a charging system technology. This would give drivers the ability to…

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Changes may be coming to the way the UK supports electric vehicles

Electric vehicles have been receiving strong support in the United Kingdom Those interested in purchasing an electric vehicle in the United Kingdom have benefited from financial initiatives that have helped make these vehicles more affordable. Financial incentives have been available for these vehicles since 2011 and the program has proven capable of promoting the adoption of electric vehicles. Soon, the financial program offered in the UK may see an overhaul, as government officials continue to push for the adoption of clean transportation throughout the country. Government program may be receiving…

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Electric vehicles could be charged at street lights in the future

New technology could provide innovative solution for EV charging stations in urban regions. Called Light & Charge, BMW’s Mini unveiled this high-efficiency street lighting system, which also functions as a charging station for electric vehicles (EVs). The famous car manufacturer demonstrated its new technology for electric cars at its factory in Oxford (Plant Oxford) as part of Low Carbon Oxford week, which was also the first time it was demonstrated in the UK. The system utilizes the latest advances in energy efficient LED street lighting. The Daily Express reported that…

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Tesla promises a clean transportation revolution

Tesla Motors prepares to launch new Model S in the UK Tesla Motors is promising to deliver an electric vehicle revolution. The company has already established a powerful position in the auto industry with its ambitious and innovative approach to transportation. Now, the company is looking to set a higher standard for transportation by introducing its new Model S Performance Plus vehicle. The vehicle is set to arrive in the United Kingdom next month and could serve as a stepping stone toward a new future in clean transportation. New vehicle…

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Survey shows some support for hydrogen fuel among UK motorists

Hydrogen Fuel UK

Hydrogen fuel continues to grow in the transportation field RAC Motoring Services, a leading provider of automotive services in the United Kingdom, has released the results of a new survey, showing that motorists may be ready to embrace a new generation of clean vehicles. The idea of clean transportation has been around for decades, but clean vehicles have had trouble finding support among consumers due to issues regarding cost, efficiency, and safety. As clean technology has advanced, drivers have become more acclimated to the prospects of using clean vehicles, especially…

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Electric vehicles expected to find new success in 2013

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Electric vehicles in the UK to gain popularity Electric vehicles are gaining more traction as the auto industry begins to throw more focus behind the idea of clean transportation. 2012 saw the release of new models that proved to be much more efficient than conventional vehicles and older electric vehicles. The auto industry is likely to introduce more efficient electric vehicles in 2013, backed by breakthroughs in clean technology, such as lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. These breakthroughs are expected to make electric vehicles very popular, especially in the…

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