Survey shows some support for hydrogen fuel among UK motorists

Survey shows some support for hydrogen fuel among UK motorists

April 23, 2013 0 By Erin Kilgore

Hydrogen Fuel UK

Hydrogen fuel continues to grow in the transportation field

RAC Motoring Services, a leading provider of automotive services in the United Kingdom, has released the results of a new survey, showing that motorists may be ready to embrace a new generation of clean vehicles. The idea of clean transportation has been around for decades, but clean vehicles have had trouble finding support among consumers due to issues regarding cost, efficiency, and safety. As clean technology has advanced, drivers have become more acclimated to the prospects of using clean vehicles, especially those that are powered by hydrogen fuel.

Motorists have yet to fully embrace hydrogen

According to the survey, which involved polling 1,400 motorists in the UK, approximately 75% of drivers are currently unaware of initiatives the UK government is taking to support the adoption of electric vehicles, including those powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The survey shows that roughly half of these respondents would be willing to purchase an electric vehicle of some kind if they had access to financial incentives. Nearly 25% of respondents noted that they preferred short-range battery electrics over other variants, with only 8% showing interest in hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Auto industry puts support behind fuel cells despite lackluster consumer interest

While many consumers may not be enthusiastic about hydrogen fuel, the auto industry at large has been investing heavily in fuel cells. Battery electrics have been losing ground with automakers, though many plan to continue to support these kinds of clean vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cells are beginning to win more favor due to their ability to perform on par with conventional powertrains and what automakers consider to be their market appeal. Unlike batteries, fuel cells take only minutes to be fueled instead of the hours necessary for a battery to be fully charged. Indeed, hydrogen fuel cells are, in many ways, more alike to conventional engines that batteries.

UK continues to promote clean transportation

The UK government is currently throwing a great deal of support behind electric vehicles, providing rebates and other financial incentives designed to encourage drivers to adopt clean transportation. The country is also involved in several hydrogen fuel trials and has been working to expand its hydrogen fuel infrastructure in recent months.

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