Researchers use solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel - Solar Enegy Panels

New hydrogen production method taps into the power of the sun Researchers from the University of Exeter have developed a new way to use solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel. The new method is meant to make hydrogen much more attractive from a cost standpoint. Researchers believe the method will also make hydrogen much more available to those that need it, such as those with fuel cell vehicles. Notably, the method is considered and environmentally friendly way to produce the fuel as it makes use of solar energy rather than…

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Researchers find a way to make marine energy systems more effective

marine energy

Marine energy systems the target of new research from the UK New research from the United Kingdom’s University of Exeter shows that the power of the ocean could be an effective way of meeting the energy needs of a population, if the power of waves can be predicted. A team of researchers from the university, along with colleagues from the Tel Aviv University, have found a way to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat. By predicting the power of waves, energy systems designed to generate electrical power from these waves can…

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Wave energy to take root in the South West of England

Installation of a Buoyant Actuator in Australia

The South West of England will be home to the country’s first marine energy park. Climate Change Minister Greg Barker announced last month that the region stretching from Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly will play host to the project. The marine energy park will be a massive wave power system, which could generate as much as 27 gigawatts of electricity by 2050. This is more than the energy generated by 8 coal power plants and will emit no harmful gasses or chemicals into the environment. The national and local…

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