Scientists discover new and cheaper hydrogen fuel production method

hydrogen fuel production - new water-splitting material - water

A unique catalyst can help harvest fuel from water. An inexpensive material has been developed for hydrogen fuel production by researchers from the University of Houston and the California Institute of Technology in the United States. This novel catalyst can help split water to produce hydrogen fuel without the need for an additional catalyst, ETEnergyWorld reported. The new catalyst performs both functions required to split water. Traditionally, in order to split water for hydrogen fuel production, it is a process that requires two catalysts. One is needed to create a…

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Wind energy transportation problem may soon be solved

Hydrogen Fuel research

University of Houston wins new funding for energy transportation project Researchers from the University of Houston in Texas have won more funding for an ambitious wind energy project that is purported to cost some $4 million. The project is certainly ambitious, as researchers claim that it will solve a key problem that has been plaguing wind energy for several years. This problem involved energy transportation and how this transportation is often disrupted by the magnetic field that it produced by wind turbines. New funding for the project has come from…

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