The Danger of Natural Gas

 Natural gas continues to grow in popularity, but could be a lethal energy resource Natural gas is currently one of the most aggressively supported forms of fuel in the United States. The government has been investing heavily in support of natural gas over the past few years, claiming that this fuel can be used to transition away from fossil-fuels and embrace a more sustainable future. While natural gas is cleaner than both coal and oil, it is still considered a fossil-fuel, and its production may have serious environmental drawbacks that…

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New natural gas power plant to take root in Maryland

Panda Power Funds to build natural gas power plant in Maryland Panda Power Funds, a private equity energy fund, has announced that it will be building a new power plant in Maryland, U.S. The power plant is being designed to be more environmentally friendly than others in the state and will generate electrical power primarily through the use of natural gas. Panda Power Funds is no stranger to clean energy, of course. The fund has been involved in various forms of renewable energy. Near the end of 2011, the fund…

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Residential alternative energy expands in New Hampshire

Hydrogen fuel powered homes

  The new year saw a spike in subscribers for residential alternative energy as ENH Power, an alternative energy company, took advantage of an impending rate hike for Public Service of New Hampshire’s customers. ENH signed on 1,700 new customers in just one day as a result. Residential alternative energy price cut ENH is a new company. Formed just 18 months ago, they offer alternative forms of energy for residential use. Switching meant savings for residents of New Hampshire that signed up and left PSNH, which is the largest provider…

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Natural gas on the rise in the US

natural gas united states

Natural gas production is spiking in the US Natural gas production is one the rise in the U.S. While natural gas is still considered a fossil-fuel, it burns much more cleanly than petroleum and coal, making it a suitable alternative to traditional energy systems, in terms of environmentally friendliness. The federal government has begun tapping into the country native natural gas reserves in order to better support the energy needs of its citizens. As the U.S. inches closer to becoming a major energy exporter through its increased production of natural…

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