Wind energy executives offer predictions of the future of the European market

Europe’s wind power sector is poised for strong growth and evolution in the coming years Executives from Europe’s wind energy sector have come together during a meeting of the European Wind Energy Association in order to provide predictions concerning the future of the wind market. Europe has become a very active market for wind power, with several countries investing heavily in wind projects. Both offshore and onshore projects have managed to find traction throughout Europe and many countries are showing favor for these projects because of the economic opportunities they…

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Wind energy is safe for the environment

Study aims to address concerns that many have regarding wind turbines and their impact on the environment Two French laboratories have released a new study concerning the environmental impact of wind farms in Europe. The study focuses on the concerns that many people have regarding whether wind farms negatively impact the environment by harming wildlife or disrupting climatic events. Wind energy has found strong support throughout Europe. Several countries are working on embracing renewable energy more aggressively in order to offset the economic impact of the ongoing sovereign debt crisis.…

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Wind energy reaches new heights in Europe

Germany, Ireland, and UK break records with wind production Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom have all set records when it comes to wind energy production due, in part, to winter storms that brought powerful winds to Europe. Hurricane Xaver was the key behind record-setting generation and while the storm caused an estimated $2 billion in damage, it also served as a significant source of wind power. Germany experienced the greatest benefits, in terms of wind power, from the storm, while Ireland and the United Kingdom were able to harness…

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Wind energy to hit major milestone this year

Wind Energy - Wind Farms

Wind energy shows strong progress worldwide Wind energy has managed to acquire a great deal of momentum in recent years. Much of the world is beginning to grow more environmentally conscious, hence a rise in the support surrounding renewable energy. Clean power has prospects beyond the environment, however, and many countries have been turning to solar and wind energy to establish some economic stability amidst turbulent financial times. Wind energy is set to hit a major milestone in the coming months that will show how much progress this form of…

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Wind energy helps Denmark reach major milestone

Wind Energy Denmark

Denmark makes significant progress toward sustainability with the help of wind energy Denmark is quickly becoming a strong example of the benefits of renewable energy. Like some other European countries, Denmark has been embracing renewable energy more readily than those outside of Europe. Thus far, wind energy has been the most prominent form of renewable power that the country has come to advocate, and Denmark has made significant progress in its use of wind energy over the past few years. Now, Denmark has reached a major renewable energy milestone, but…

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Wind energy expands throughout Europe in 2012

Wind Energy Europe

European Union sees major progress in wind energy sector Wind energy has been gaining more support around the world, but it continues to see the majority of this support come from Europe. Several European countries have come to embrace wind energy in a strong way, believing that clean power could have positive economic implications for the entire region. Europe continues to struggle with an ongoing financial crisis that has threatened to bankrupt many countries. The crisis has spurred these countries to seek out more efficient forms of energy that are…

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