Wind energy is safe for the environment

February 17, 2014 0 By John Max

Study aims to address concerns that many have regarding wind turbines and their impact on the environment

Wind Energy - Safe for WildlifeTwo French laboratories have released a new study concerning the environmental impact of wind farms in Europe. The study focuses on the concerns that many people have regarding whether wind farms negatively impact the environment by harming wildlife or disrupting climatic events. Wind energy has found strong support throughout Europe. Several countries are working on embracing renewable energy more aggressively in order to offset the economic impact of the ongoing sovereign debt crisis.

Wind turbines are often accused of being harmful to wildlife

Critics of wind power argue that wind turbines are both ugly and dangerous. Some suggest that turbines are responsible for harming birds and interrupting migration cycles. Some critics also suggest that wind turbines are disrupting weather patterns with their spinning blades. According to the study from the French laboratories, however, wind turbines have “an extremely limited impact” on the environment and climate in general. The study estimates that wind farms, as a whole, will have no significant impact on the environment through 2020.

Study shows that wind turbines have minimal negative impact on the environment and wildlife

The most significant impact wind farms are expected to have has to do with energy supply. Wind turbines are used to produce electrical power from wind currents. This energy is then used to power homes and businesses. An abundance of wind power would mean that reliance on fossil-fuels diminishes. As the use of fossil-fuels falls, emissions are also expected to fall. The environmental benefits that can be found in wind energy are some of the reasons behind its adoption in many European countries.

Wind power is expensive and requires a better infrastructure for support

While wind power may not be environmentally detrimental, wind farms are expensive to develop. Turbines are costly to produce and to make efficient use of wind power, a more accommodating infrastructure must be established. Modern energy grids are not necessarily equipped to handle the electricity produced by wind turbines. As such, improvements must be made so that wind power can be considered efficient and viable for widespread usage.

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