3nine brings more sustainability to industrial sector with new oil filter

3nine brings more sustainability to industrial sector with new oil filter

June 13, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

Oil mist continues to prove problematic for health and sustainability

Oil mist is a common, yet often overlooked problem that exists in several industrial sectors. When oil is used as a coolant or lubricant during metal machining and the manufacture of plastic components and materials, oil mist is created. This mist can be hazardous o the health of people working in closed facilities, just as other types of aerosol can be dangerous to people without adequate protection. That is why oil mist filters and collectors exist; to protect workers from the potential dangers of oil mist.

Oil filters may be a powerful sustainability tool

Oil mist is not something that can simply be removed from the equation of industry as oil itself is of vital importance. Mitigating the harm that such mist can cause, however, is a matter that receives significant attention. As the industrial sector becomes more environmentally conscious, green fuels and clean technologies are becoming more important. Oil mist filters that abide by this interest in clean technology are, therefore, attracting more attention. These filters can introduce more sustainability to some industrial sectors as they allow for oil mist to be reused rather than simply wasted.

3nine introduces the Nova

3nine, a leading developer of oil filters and separators, has unveiled its latest oil mist filter, called the Nova. The Nova is the smallest of the company’s oil filters that are part of its Green Line Series of products. This unit is designed with sustainability in mind. As with 3nine’s other products, the Nova is an effective oil mist filter and separator system. Unlike others, however, the Nova collects this oil mist and returns it to its source for reuse, ensuring that this oil does not go to waste.

The Nova may provide better control of oil mist

Sustainability and green fuels are two concepts that are becoming significantly more important in the world of industry. While many companies have begun to embrace renewable forms of energy, such as solar and wind power, or even hydrogen fuel, many still rely heavily on oil as a lubricant and coolant. Wasted oil is a costly problem that can be mitigated through the use of the Nova unit from 3nine and t his system may also help reduce the health hazards that are associated with oil mist.

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