7 Myths About Auto Transport Debunked

7 Myths About Auto Transport Debunked

January 21, 2023 0 By Sponsored Article

Auto transport has numerous benefits, ranging from saving time and money to reducing vehicle wear and tear and facilitating multiple-vehicle movement for businesses and individuals. However, numerous misconceptions and myths surround auto transport, making some people reluctant to leverage it. Read on to learn seven myths about auto transport and the truth behind them, so you ship your vehicle confidently.

1. Auto Transport is Costlyhydrogen fuel cell news free ebook

Contrary to popular notion, Florida auto transport is not expensive, especially compared to driving a vehicle. When driving a car, you incur the cost of gas, meals, wear and tear, and accommodation for multi-day trips.

Reputable auto transport companies charge a one-off cost for ferrying your vehicle to your destination, eliminating the expense, risk, and headache of doing it yourself. Asking different auto transporters for quotations is an excellent way to get a fair price.

2. Auto Transport Rates Depend Solely on the Distance

While distance affects vehicle transport rates, it is not the sole determinant. Numerous factors, including vehicle type, carrier type, destination accessibility, and delivery timeline, influence cost. For instance, shipping a sedan in an enclosed carrier is cheaper than transporting a truck in the same carrier due to the additional space occupied and weight.

auto transport do not use ferrys for non running cars

3. Auto Transport Does Not Ferry Non-Running Vehicles

When you need to ship an inoperative vehicle –perhaps a vintage or hobby car, you may wonder how to do it. Luckily, most haulers allow customers to ship such vehicles, though they charge more. The extra charge compensates for the additional equipment for loading and unloading the car as well as a special trailer for ferrying it.

4. Auto Transport is an Overwhelming Experience

When working with a reputable auto transport company, shipping your vehicle should be easy and stress-free. The company should explain your options and delivery timelines depending on vehicle type, destination, and budget.

Although many people think preparing a vehicle for shipping is tiresome, it is not. It involves getting the car checked by a mechanic, removing personal belongings, and maintaining a one-quarter-full gas tank. Also, wash the vehicle and take pictures of the interior and exterior.

5. The Lowest Bidder is the Best

As a savvy consumer, you want to shop for auto transporters before picking the best. While settling for the lowest bidder to save money is tempting, it is not advisable. Such a bidder may offer substandard shipping services, have hidden fees, or jeopardize your vehicle’s safety.

Therefore, be wary of shippers promising quick delivery and very low prices. Also, choose an auto carrier that combines experience, customer service, timely delivery, and competitive pricing.

6. Open Auto Transport is Unsafe

While enclosed auto transport has a reputation for superior safety since it protects a vehicle from harsh weather conditions, road hazards, and prying eyes, open carriers are also safe. Closed carriers are great for highly-prized sports, vintage, and luxury vehicles. Regular vehicles can be ferried by open carriers and get to their destination safely and quickly.

7. Clients Can Accompany Vehicles During Shipping

Although accompanying a vehicle sounds fun and ensures safe handling, it is forbidden due to safety and border regulation concerns. Auto shippers maintain your vehicle’s safety during shipping and even insure their operations in case the worst happens. They employ professional drivers and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure vehicles arrive untouched. Some haulers allow customers to track their cars in real-time during transit for greater peace of mind.

While the auto transport industry offers vital services to individuals and businesses, it is filled with half-truths. This article demystifies the common auto transport myths, so you make an informed decision when shipping your vehicle. Ferrying your car is as easy as choosing a credible shipping company.

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