Ballard collabs with Adani for hydrogen mining truck and transportation project

Ballard collabs with Adani for hydrogen mining truck and transportation project

January 23, 2023 0 By Erin Kilgore

The pilot project was recently announced by Ballard.

After signing an agreement with Adani Enterprises Limited (NSE: ADANIENT) and Ashok Leyland, Ballard Power Systems (NASDQ: BLDP; TSX: BLDP) announced the launch of the pilot project that will see the development of a hydrogen mining truck for mining logistics and transportation in India.

The collaboration marks a first for Asia.

According to a recent Ballard press release, the partnership is significant as it is the fist planned hydrogen powered mining truck in Asia. Adani Enterprises Limited (part of the diversified Adani portfolio of companies) will lead the demonstration project, Ballard will supply the FCmove™ fuel cell engine for the hydrogen mining truck, and Ashok Leyland will provide the vehicle platform and technical support.

Hydrogen mining truck - Image of trucks used for mining at sunset

“This pioneering and ambitious green hydrogen project holds a strong promise for India’s future energy self-reliance,” said Vinay Prakash, Director, Adani Enterprises Limited and CEO, Adani Natural Resources.

Prakash added that the project is consistent with the Chairman of the Adani Group, Gautam Adani’ vision of speeding up the use of H2 powered fuel cell technology in India’s commercial transport system.

The hydrogen mining truck will be powered by Ballard’s PEM fuel cell tech.

Powered by Ballard’s 120 kW proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology, the hydrogen fuel cell electric truck for mining will have a 200-km working range, weigh 55 tons and have three hydrogen tanks.

Commenting on the collaboration, the CEO of Ballard Power Systems, Randy MacEwen, said that the company’s technology provides a “strong value proposition” for Adani’s heavy-duty mining truck with Ballard’s zero emission engines delivering long range, heavy payload capabilities and rapid refueling.

Ultimately, the expertise of each company complements the collaboration. Ballard Power Systems is an industry-leading PEM fuel cell engine manufacturer; Adani Enterprises Limited is a company focused on mining operations as well as developing green H2 projects for sourcing, transporting, and building out hydrogen refueling infrastructure; and Ashok Leylend is one of the largest manufacturers of buses in the world.

“With our track record of developing unique and new products, Ballard’s technological expertise in fuel cells, and Adani’s unwavering dedication to hydrogen, there is a significant opportunity for India to decarbonize both goods and passenger transportation,” said Dr. N. Saravanan, CTO, Ashok Leyland.

The hydrogen mining truck is slated to launch in India later this year (2023).

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