A new hydrogen-based green fuel is cheaper and offers more range than gasoline

A new hydrogen-based green fuel is cheaper and offers more range than gasoline

December 6, 2018 0 By Bret Williams

Electriq Global has developed a way to stabilize hydrogen fuel in a recyclable liquid that is similar to gasoline.

The new recyclable green fuel technology developed by the Israeli-Australian company can reportedly be pumped and transported exactly like gasoline. This is incredible news because it means that long-range electric driving is possible was fast refueling. Better still, the tech plugs directly into the existing fuel logistic vehicle model.

The new fuel combines the top aspects of gasoline, hydrogen and batteries.

Electriq Global believes that its new green fuel could be the clean transport fuel of the future. The company claims it has determined how to stabilize hydrogen in a liquid form that is approximately 60% water. This make the fuel easy to transport and store, eradicating one of the primary reasons why hydrogen has not yet taken off as a clean alternative fuel.

The Electriq Global system contains three key elements, according to a company press release. “The liquid fuel (Electriq~Fuel) which reacts with a catalyst (Electriq~Switch) to release hydrogen on demand, then the exhausted fuel is captured and taken back to an Electriq~Recycling plant where it is replenished with hydrogen for re-use. This entire process is inherently safe and releases zero emissions.”

The Electriq system uses a standardized fuel tank and would reportedly cost less than half the equivalent gasoline price to fill up. Furthermore, it would deliver approximately twice the range of gasoline.

The green fuel is transported via tankers, similarly to how gasoline is transported.

The liquid hydrogen is able to be transported to gas stations with ease without requiring any expensive or rare elements. The fuel contains approximately 3% hydrogen and 97% supporting material. This makes it possible for it to be moved via tanker to gas stations, where drivers can fill up their cars at a pump.

The Electriq fuel tank is nearly the same size as regular fuel tank and has a separate module known as the “Switch.” This module releases small amounts of a catalyzing chemical into the fuel tank to release the hydrogen from the fuel. Once released, the hydrogen is transferred directly to the fuel cell where it is converted into electric energy that is used to power an electric drivetrain. This tank could be added to existing fuel cell vehicles on the road.

green fuel vehicles like the mirai

“If you picked up a Toyota Mirai today and took out the hydrogen tank, and switched it out with this fuel tank and the Switch, which is a single set of componentry, you’ve got a working car,” said Electriq spokesman Michael Simonetti, reported New Atlas.

As for the fuel recyclability, 97% of its total volume is fully recyclable. Therefore, when a driver fuels up at the gas station, not only is fresh fuel replenished, but the spent fuel is pumped out and stored in a tank that will be picked up by an Electriq tanker. This used fuel is returned to the production facility where hydrogen will be reapplied so this spent fuel can be revitalized and used again.

There is no word yet on when Electriq’s unique recyclable green fuel system would be available for large-scale mainstream use.

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