Acta aims to bring hydrogen fuel technology to China

September 10, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

Acta teams with Sunwise to promote hydrogen feul

Acta, a developer of clean technology, has announced that it has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with China’s Shanghai Sunwise Energy Systems, which develops hydrogen fuel technologies and deploys them throughout the country. Sunwise is one of the largest distributors of hydrogen fuel production and storage systems in the Chinese market. The company primarily provides these technologies to industrial clients, but Sunwise has also established a strong presence in the transportation sector as well.

New technology may benefit mobile networks

Through this new partnership, Acta aims to bolster the distribution of its Acta Power systems in China. These systems are self-charging, back-up energy providers that have become quite common in the telecommunications industry. China boasts of one of the most rapidly growing mobile networks in the world, and this presents many challenges to telecommunications companies in the country. As the demand for mobile technology and Internet connectivity grows, the need for network antennas also increases. Many of these antennas are located in remote regions of China that do not have a reliable connection to the country’s energy grid. Thus, hydrogen fuel cells are often used to keep these antennas active, and these energy systems have proven quite capable of doing so, especially amidst natural disasters.

Acta teams with Sunwise - Hydrogen Fuel Sunwise to demonstrate Acta technology

Sunwise will be demonstrating Acta’s technology during numerous events in the upcoming months, with the hope of showcasing how powerful the company’s technology can be. Both Acta and Sunwise have an interest in further developing China’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure as well, so the two companies also have plans to address several infrastructure issues in the near future.

Hydrogen fuel infrastructure needed for new generation of vehicles to succeed

In terms of transportation, China is considered one of the most attractive markets for the auto industry. Many automakers have plans to launch new vehicles that are equipped with hydrogen fuel cells within the next few years, but the success of these vehicles will largely depend on the existence of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. If such an infrastructure is not established in China, the country may miss a significant economic opportunity when it comes to clean transportation.

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