Acta Power hydrogen fuel cells to be trialed in the Philippines

Acta Power hydrogen fuel cells to be trialed in the Philippines

July 26, 2013 0 By Erin Kilgore

New trial aims to put hydrogen fuel cells to the test

Acta Power, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that its energy systems will be put on trial by one of the largest telecommunications organizations in the Philippines. Acta has teamed with SMS Global Technologies, a technical support company, to facilitate these trials and show off the capabilities of its hydrogen fuel cells. Fuel cells have been gaining popularity in the telecommunications sector because of their reliability and capability of producing electrical power independent of existing energy grids.

Telecommunications companies seek expansion of networks

As mobile technology becomes more important to consumers around the world, telecommunications companies have been working to expand and up their networks in order to provide more comprehensive and reliable services to consumers. This is no small task, of course, and making upgrades to a network tower can often leave parts of a wireless service network unavailable until the upgrade is complete. Natural disasters also pose a significant risk to these towers, many of which are located in areas that have a fickle connection to energy grids.

Philippines - hydrogen fuelFuel cell to prove its worth

The trial is expected to showcase how effective hydrogen fuel cells can be in providing energy for telecommunications networks. The trial will put the company’s fuel cells to the test in remote areas that have dubious connections to existing energy grids. The fuel cells that Acta is providing boast on an on-board hydrogen fuel production system, which allows them to operate without having to rely on regular fuel shipments.

Hydrogen fuel receives strong support from telecommunications sector

If the trial is deemed a success by the telecommunications company, Acta expects that the company will place a large order for its hydrogen fuel cells. The telecommunications industry has become one of the largest supporters of hydrogen fuel apart from the global auto industry. The durability and power generation capabilities of fuel cells have won them the favor of many telecommunications groups around the world, especially those that are expanding networks aggressively to accommodate the needs of consumers.

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