AlumiFuel Power to enter into the back-up power sector

AlumiFuel Power to enter into the back-up power sector

June 3, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

Hydrogen fuel power

Company seeks to show that fuel cells are more than just engines for new vehicles

Hydrogen fuel cells have managed to capture a great deal of attention for their uses in the auto industry. Automakers have been aggressive in their development and promotion of fuel cells, with many claiming the energy systems to be the future of transportation, both public and private. Hydrogen fuel cells can be used for much more than transportation, however, a fact that AlumiFuel Power, a producer of hydrogen fuel, is eager to draw more attention to.

Cartridges could make fuel cells more viable for back-up power

AlumiFuel Power has announced that it is entering the world of back-up power with its cartridge-based technologies. These cartridges are designed to enable the rapid distribution of hydrogen gas to fuel cells. Using a cartridge, companies relying on hydrogen fuel cells for back-up power can recharge their energy systems quickly and efficiently. When the cartridge is depleted, it can be disposed of in landfill, reducing the costs associated with chemical and technological waste.

Countries begin to feel the need for back-up power solutions

Back-up power is becoming a serious issue throughout the world. As fossil-fuel diminishes in popularity due to its rising cost, some countries are finding it difficult to keep the availability of electricity high. Countries with growing populations are finding this phenomenon to be particularly problematic. In the U.S., the backup power sector is valued at approximately $6.4 billion. Because of the country’s strained relations with Middle Eastern governments, some of whom are leading providers of oil, the need for back-up power is becoming more apparent. Thus, hydrogen fuel cells have become a popular option for both private companies and government agencies.

Company to identify opportunities that exist in back-up power sector

AlumiFuel will be investigating the various opportunities it has identified in the burgeoning industry. The company may opt to pursue some of these opportunities through its various subsidies. AlumiFuel expects that the back-up power sector will become a lucrative industry for producers of hydrogen fuel and manufacturers of fuel cells as these energy systems come to replace the traditional lead-acid batteries and generators that have been used for decades.

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