Amazon to build new wind energy system in Ohio

November 25, 2015 0 By John Max

Amazon Web Services will be developing a wind farm in Ohio

Amazon Web Services has announced that it will be building a new wind energy system in Ohio. The company is an offshoot of Amazon, providing a range of web services through its cloud computing network. While Amazon is often thought of strictly as a retailer, the company also has its hands in various forms of renewable energy. Now, Amazon is looking to build and operate its own wind power system.

New wind energy system will produce 100 MW of electrical power

The new wind farm that Amazon is looking to develop will be able to produce 100 megawatts of electrical power. Amazon expects the energy system to generate some 320,000 megawatt-hours of energy, which is roughly enough to power 29,000 average homes. The wind farm is expected to begin producing this energy in May of 2017, with capacity ramping up until the project is completed at a later date. The wind energy system is somewhat smaller than others of its kind, but Amazon has high hopes that it will become a valuable source of electrical power once development is completed.

Wind energy is growing very quickly throughout the US

Wind Energy - Wind ProjectWind energy is the second largest source of renewable power in the United States. Wind energy capacity n the country is growing by an average of 2.4% every year and is expected to be the country’s largest contributor of electricity by 2038. While the wind sector is seeing magnificent growth, other forms of renewable energy are growing more quickly. This is particularly true with solar power, which has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

Amazon wants to satisfy its needs for electricity through the use of renewable energy

Amazon has a goal of deriving 100% of its power from renewable sources in the near future. Amazon Web Services has announced that some 25% of its electricity comes from renewable sources, with plans to increase this to 40% next year. Amazon has become an aggressive supporter of clean power, investing heavily in new energy projects and helping develop some clean power systems in other parts of the country.

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