Apple seeks to sell excess electricity from its solar energy systems

June 14, 2016 0 By Erin Kilgore

Company has plans to sell excess energy directly to customers

Apple has plans to sell surplus energy that is generated by its new headquarters in California. The company joins several others in such an initiative, with its headquarters being equipped with solar panels that aid in efforts to become more environmentally friendly. Apple has long held an interest in clean energy, going so far as to power its primary data center with hydrogen fuel cells and solar energy systems.

Solar energy systems will generate power that could be sold through Apple Energy LLC

A new subsidiary called Apple Energy LLC has been established to allow the company to sell excess energy. The subsidiary has applied for approval to sell electrical power with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Solar energy is likely to comprise the majority of the energy sold by Apple Energy LLC, but the organization will also seek to sell surplus electricity generated by hydrogen fuel cells that will also be located at the new headquarters. Apple Energy LLC is also seeking approval to sell excess energy generated at other sites that make use of renewable energy systems.

Apple continues to show strong support for clean power

Apple Solar Energy SystemsCurrently, Apple is considered one of the largest investors in the clean technology space outside of the utility industry. Last year, the company committed $850 million toward the development of a 130 megawatt solar energy system in California. The company has invested in various forms of clean power, and has shown a particular interest in solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel. Apple is likely to continue its efforts to embrace clean power in the coming years in order to become more environmentally friendly.

Company may establish a strong foothold in the energy market

If Apple’s bid to sell surplus electricity is approved, it will be able to sell energy directly to consumers rather than selling this energy through a utility. Apple would follow Google in this endeavor, with the latter company having gained approval to sell energy in 2010. Apple may soon become a major player in the energy market if it is allowed to sell surplus electricity directly to consumers.

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