India aims to promote hydrogen fuel cells in the transportation space

June 15, 2016 0 By Stephen Vagus

New report establishes roadmap for adoption of clean vehicles

The Indian government has released a new draft report that highlights the country’s efforts to embrace clean transportation, particularly where hydrogen fuel cells are concerned. The government intends to embrace fuel cell vehicles in the coming years in order to make transportation more environmentally friendly and open up new economic opportunities. The report calls for those in various industries to help commercialize fuel cell technology so that it can establish a stronger foothold in the country’s growing market.

Government to invest in the adoption of fuel cell technology

The government intends to invest somewhat heavily in fuel cell technology through 2022. These investments are meant to encourage the adoption of fuel cell technology, especially in the transportation space. The government believes that hydrogen fuel cells hold great potential in terms of operating as stationary energy systems, but their true potential may lie in their ability to power clean vehicles. Fuel cells can make these vehicles highly efficient, reducing the need for fossil-fuels and thereby limiting costs associated with traditional forms of travel.

New infrastructure is needed to support fuel cell vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Vehicles on busy street in IndiaThough clean transportation may become less expensive in the future, it may take years to reach that point. In terms of fuel cell vehicles, an infrastructure must first be established to ensure that these vehicles have access to the hydrogen fuel that they need. Building hydrogen stations has proven to be somewhat expensive and is a slow process. Moreover, fuel cells are expensive energy systems, which makes the vehicles that use them expensive as well. Efforts to reduce the costs of these energy systems are ongoing.

Limiting emissions is becoming a major priority for India

In India, emissions from transportation have become a serious concern for the government. In an effort to reduce emissions throughout the country, the government has begun to heavily promote clean transportation. Relatively few clean vehicles are currently available in India, but this is expected to change as the country invests more heavily in the clean transportation space.

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