Audi sets its sights on clean vehicles

July 28, 2016 0 By Angie Bergenson

Automaker is becoming more involved in clean transportation

German automaker Audi is looking to embrace clean transportation more heavily in the coming years. The company has begun showing strong interest in clean technology and how renewable solutions can be used to power future vehicles. Now, the company plans to have electric vehicles comprise as much as 30% of its sales by 2025. The automaker will also be launching vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells and those that can operate themselves thanks to autonomous technology.

Clean vehicles will become a major priority for Audi

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler predicts that the automaker will have three all-electric cars ready for sale by 2020. The automaker will also be cutting back on production of some of its models in order to better facilitate the launch of clean vehicles. The company does not predict any loss in customers due to its efforts to promote clean transportation and cut back on certain models within its brand. Battery electric vehicles will be one of the automaker’s primary focuses, but the company will also be investing in fuel cell technology to power its new clean vehicles.

Fuel cell vehicles will not go into development before 2020

Clean Vehicles - Audi SymbolFuel cell vehicles hold a great deal of promise. These vehicles produce no harmful emissions but do not sacrifice performance in order to be environmentally friendly. As such, they are often seen on par with conventional vehicles in terms of performance. Fuel cell vehicles are also more efficient  than battery electrics, allowing them to travel greater distances before needing to be refueled. Audi is not rushing to launch a fuel cell vehicle, however, due to lacking infrastructure support. The automaker believes that a more comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure should be ready to support fuel cell vehicles by 2020. Audi will not begin production on fuel cell vehicles before this time.

Audi wants to build a self-driving car

Audi also has plans to develop an autonomous vehicle in the coming years. The automaker intends to set up a new subsidiary, called SDS Company, which will be responsible for building the self-driving car. Audi is currently looking for partners in this endeavor. Through a joint venture, Audi believes that it will be able to build a successful and well received autonomous vehicle.

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