Australian Hyundai hydrogen cars supply deal moves forward

Australian Hyundai hydrogen cars supply deal moves forward

August 14, 2020 0 By John Max

The memorandum of understanding brings the automaker closer to zero emission vehicles in the country.

Australia is one step closer to having Hyundai hydrogen cars on its roads now that the automaker has reached an important supply deal. The Hyundai Motor Company has landed an important supply deal to bring it closer to producing the zero-emissions fuel cell vehicles in the country.

Hyundai Australia has signed an MoU with local suppliers Coregas and Jamena Ltd.

A new memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the production and supply for Hyundai hydrogen cars has been signed between the automaker, Coregas and Jamena Ltd. This will involve the production of the fuel cell vehicles as well as a supply of green hydrogen fuel. The H2 will be produced using energy generated from solar and wind power supplied to the automaker’s Sydney hub beginning in early 2021.

“A lack of critical refueling infrastructure is regularly cited as a hand-brake to hydrogen vehicle sales,” said Jamena managing director Frank Tudor in a media statement. He added that this new deal “is an opportunity to demonstrate that renewably-generated hydrogen gas can be made directly available to the vehicle and transport sectors.”

The Hyundai hydrogen cars will have a substantially longer range than conventional electric vehicles.

A fully charged FCEV will be able to travel around 404 miles (650 kilometers). Comparatively, battery electric vehicles will usually have a range closer to 95 miles (150 kilometers). This, using a fuel made by splitting water molecules through electrolysis powered by renewable energy. By 2018, the H2 powered vehicle industry worldwide was estimated to have a value of about $650 million.

That said it is expected to have risen rapidly since then and to continue that growth pace in years to come, said Jemena, a company jointly owned by Singapore Power and the State Grid of China.

In Sydney, Australia, the automaker’s Macquarie Park showroom is the only Hyundai hydrogen cars refuelling site in the country. That said, another site is under construction in Canberra and the automaker has intentions to build others in Brisbane and Melbourne. Furthermore, the federal Hyundai Hydrogen Cars - Hyundai logo on vehiclegovernment is looking to launch a substantial H2 export industry throughout the next ten years by using renewable power to manufacture hydrogen fuel locally.

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