BAE Systems to participate in US hydrogen fuel initiative

September 16, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

Federal hydrogen fuel initiative aims to commercialize hydrogen-powered buses

BAE Systems, a British defense, security, and aerospace company, is one of the recipients of funding from a new initiative launched by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The federal agency’s latest initiative involves hydrogen fuel and how it can be used in various transportation applications. While BAE Systems has long operated in the realm of security, the company also has some dealings in the transit sector; having developed its own hydrogen-powered bus that the Department of Transportation believes could help commercialize hydrogen fuel in public transit.

BAE Systems teams with others to develop clean buses

The initiative from the federal agency aims to distribute $13.6 million in funding for innovative projects concerning hydrogen fuel and fuel cell technology. The goal of the initiative is to commercialize fuel cells, making them more attractive in the transportation sector. Eight projects have been chosen by the agency to receive funding. BAE Systems is a manufacturing partner of three of these projects, which come from Ballard Power Systems, SunLife Transit Authority, and ElDorado National.

Hydrogen Fuel BusesBAE facility will manufacture buses equipped with fuel cells and batteries

BAE Systems’ HybriDrive Solutions facility in New York is where many of the hydrogen-powered buses will be manufactured as part of the initiative from the Department of Transportation. The facility is equipped with a test lab that will be responsible for examining the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells and determine whether or not these energy systems can be used in buses. If fuel cells are found wanting, BAE Systems will work to develop units that can be used in its buses.

Hydrogen fuel is becoming more common in transportation

BAE Systems will be relying on the technology that has been developed by its partners in order to accomplish its transportation goals. Ballard Power Systems is a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells and has extensive experience with this technology. The company has managed to attract a great deal of attention with its fuel cell systems and is expected to help commercialize hydrogen-powered buses through the Department of Transportation’s initiative.

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