Ballard introduces new hydrogen fuel cells for telecom sector

Ballard introduces new hydrogen fuel cells for telecom sector

June 20, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

New hydrogen fuel cells launched by Ballard

Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has launched a new product developed specifically for the telecommunications sector. This new hydrogen fuel cell, called the ElectraGen-ME, is designed to serve as a backup power source for several telecommunications projects. Ballard notes the durability and reliability of hydrogen fuel cells, suggesting that these are among their most attractive features for businesses relying on a steady stream of electrical power.

Telecom companies looking to expand networks

The telecommunications industry has been growing more interested in hydrogen fuel cells recently. Telecom companies around the world have seen a marked increase in the number of mobile consumers. This has increased the demand for comprehensive wireless networks and associated services. As such, telecom companies have been working to expand these networks, and much of this expansion must be done in rural areas that are disconnected from any existing energy grid. This is where hydrogen fuel cells come in to play.

Hydrogen fuel cells - telecommunicationFuel cells could be an ideal backup energy tool

Telecom companies can use fuel cells as a reliable energy source when primary energy systems fail. This means that network antennas located in rural areas can continue operating even if their primary energy system becomes defunct. This is not the only purpose of hydrogen fuel cells, of course, as they can also serve as a backup power system for other applications. These energy systems have been growing more popular when it comes to data storage, as fuel cells can also be used as backup energy systems for large data centers.

Ballard has high hopes for new hydrogen fuel cells

Ballard expects that its new hydrogen fuel cells will be well received in the telecommunications sector. The company has labored to draw more attention to fuel cells and how they can be an effective alternative to traditional energy systems. Thus far, the auto industry is where hydrogen fuel cells have found the majority of their support, with the telecommunications sector also showing strong support.

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