BMPower accepted by Alchemist, the leading American accelerator

BMPower accepted by Alchemist, the leading American accelerator

November 5, 2019 0 By Press Release

BMPower, hydrogen Plug&Play stack systems manufacturer, has been selected and joined the Alchemist program, one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent business accelerators.

During the selection of BMPower, it was necessary to prove the effectiveness of the working model, the depth of the technological expertise and the motivation of the team.

For the next seven months, BMPower will be a member of the Alchemist technology startup program. Within its framework, the company will have the opportunity to participate in closed industry events, receive advice from professional business trainers and experienced venture investors, as well as attend meetings with potential investors that Alchemist regularly arranges for its wards. Besides, the incubator itself will invest about 60 thousand US dollars in BMPower.

“We expect that participation in the Alchemist program will open up the fast-growing American market of drones, robots, and telecoms for BMPower, as well as giving us the opportunity to find partners and investors interested in developing breakthrough technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells,” says the founder and Business Development Director of BMPower Alexey Ivanenko.

The Alchemist accelerator program is aimed at accelerating the development of startups in high-tech sectors of the global economy. The main selection criterion, which is set by the accelerator and is of paramount importance, is the depth of technical expertise of the teams. Since the founding of Alchemist in 2012, more than 200 startups with a total capitalization of more than 50 billion US dollars have already left the accelerator.

The Alchemist accelerator receives support from major venture capital firms such as Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Khosla Ventures, as well as from corporate funds such as Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks and, SAP Ventures. Up to 50 companies enter the incubator annually.


BMPower’s solution is a lightweight hydrogen Plug&Play stack systems. Its x5 times better than Li-ion in terms of energy density per kg. We dramatically increase the capabilities of moving machines. Drones with our stack fly 3 hours instead of 20 minutes with Li-batteries; shared mobility platforms drive 700km instead of 150 km with Li-batteries; Backup systems based on our stacks are 40% cheaper. Our product is the best in terms of energy efficiency, ease of use and maintenance cost. The main idea is to eliminate barriers of switching to a new energy source by following easy-to-use.


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