Bunker Green fuel could help make ships more environmentally friendly

Bunker Green fuel could help make ships more environmentally friendly

August 26, 2012 0 By John Max

Scientists develop new fuel to cut emissions of large ships

Scientists from the Maine Maritime Academy and the SeaChange Group, a developer of low emission fuels, have created a new fuel that could significantly reduce the pollutants produced by large ships. The research was presented at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society. The clean fuel may be able to significantly reduce the emissions produced by cruise ships and other large vessels and is comprised of chemicals commonly found in detergents and medicines. Because the fuel’s components are common, it may be produced at low cost. The fuel is called Bunker Green.

Green Bunker fuel makes use of common ingredients

Researchers led by George Harakas, Ph.D. have a new type of fuel called “Bunker Green.” The fuel is made up of glycerol, which is a byproduct of the production of biodiesel and is a common ingredient in food and medicine. The other ingredient is surfactant, a chemical that is often used in laundry detergents. The glycerol is meant to mix with conventional diesel, but the two do not mix together naturally. Surfactant is used to solve this problem, allowing glycerol and diesel to combine and create a cleaner burning fuel.

Tests show that Bunker Green is cleaner burning than conventional fuels

Researchers believe that the clean fuel could help lower the emissions produced by the shipping industry as a whole. The fuel has been tested at the Marine Engine Testing and Emissions Laboratory at the Maine Maritime Academy and has shown that it can reduce soot-like emissions by at least 15%. The fuel also reduces nitrogen oxide pollutants by 26%.

Bunker Green may help industry comply with stringent emissions regulations

The Bunker Green fuel may be able to help the shipping industry comply with new standards introduced by the International Maritime Organization. The agency has recently passed strict emissions regulations, pushing for the production and use of more efficient fuels and energy systems. Bunker Green may help ships comply with these regulations and offset the massive amount of greenhouse gas emissions that come from the shipping industry each year.


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