California Hydrogen Convention to Include H2 All-Stars Among Speakers

California Hydrogen Convention to Include H2 All-Stars Among Speakers

April 19, 2024 0 By Angie Bergenson

The event is bringing together government, industry, national lab, labor union and NGO experts

It’s no surprise that H2 has, to say the least, become a very big deal in global decarbonization, and the California Hydrogen Convention coming up in May 2024 is a direct reflection of that trend, when taking into account the big names that are coming together to speak.

The focus will be on jumpstarting the renewable H2 market

The leaders speaking at the California Hydrogen Convention will address pathways and challenges to accelerating renewable hydrogen and forming a strong environment for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions while functioning as a catalyst for facing climate change.

The event will also include a substantial exhibition placing the spotlight on the latest services and technologies.  Beyond that, attendees are welcome to attend in-depth technical sessions, an industry-leading strategic conference, and workshops.  As such, it will provide attendees with a platform from which they can make moves to reach Californian climate targets.

California Hydrogen Convention - Climate Targets

The intention is also to offer an environment encouraging partnerships and business development for organizations and companies focused on H2 projects, policymaking, and accelerating the H2 industry as a whole.

The California Hydrogen Convention takes place on May 29 and May 30

Among the big names in H2 who will be speaking at the California Hydrogen Convention are:

  • Patricia Monahan, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
  • Eric Guter, Vice President of Hydrogen for Mobility, Air Products
  • James Kast, Senior Director of Hydrogen Business Development, Iwatani Corporation of America
  • Angelique Besnard, Stakeholder Engagement Specialist in the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, US Department of Energy
  • Lorraine Paskett, Executive Director of Clean Hydrogen, Air Products
  • Angelina Galiteva, CEO, ARCHES
  • Tyson Eckerle, Senior Advisor of Clean Infrastructure and Mobility, California Gov’s Office of Business & Economic Development (GoBiz)
  • Angela Krenn, Technical Integration Lead and Principal Technologist, NASA
  • R. Rex Parris, Mayor, City of Lancaster
  • Alice Hildick, Head of Operations, Onward
  • Stephen Cheung, CEO, Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation
  • Hilary Norton, Commissioner, California Transportation Commission
  • Grace Quan, President and CEO, Hydrogen in Motion Inc. (H2M)
  • Orville Thomas, CEO, California Mobility Center
  • Val Miftakov, CEO, ZeroAvia
  • Cory Shumaker, Director of Business Development, Hyzon
  • Ryan Harty, Assistant Vice President and Division Lead of the Sustainability Development Division, American Honda Motor Co. Inc. (AHM)
  • Nicolas Pocard, Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Ballard
  • Brent Lakeman, Director of Hydrogen Initiative, Edmonton Global
  • Roxana Bekemohammadi, Founder and Executive Director, United States Hydrogen Alliance
  • Chris DiGiovanni, Manager of GHG Emissions Strategy for Gas Strategy Execution & System Planning, PG&E
  • Patrick Goodman, Technical Fellow, Fluor
  • Kirk Hamilton, Senior Engineering Advisor, CFER Technologies
  • Salim Rahemtulla, President and CEO, PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp
  • Yuri Freedman, Senior Director of Business Development, Southern California Gas CompanyCalifornia Hydrogen Convention

Closing thoughts 

hydrogen news ebookThe size and extent of the California Hydrogen Convention is a direct reflection of the growing importance being placed on H2 as a key clean energy option for reaching climate change targets both in the state of California as well as more broadly across the United States.

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