52 Clean hydrogen projects funded millions from US DoE through Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

52 Clean hydrogen projects funded millions from US DoE through Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

March 20, 2024 0 By Bret Williams

The Department of Energy announced that projects in 24 states will receive the funding

Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the US Department of Energy (DoE) has announced that it is pouring $750 million into 52 clean hydrogen projects located in 24 states across the country.

The goal is to boost low- and zero-carbon H2 for energy

The funding is a part of a broader strategy to give low- and zero-carbon clean hydrogen projects a boost in the United States in order to meet electricity demand while simultaneously decarbonizing.

Much of the funding is geared toward the production of electrolyzers needed to produce the H2, and the fuel cells needed to use it. Electrolyzers split water molecules to obtain the hydrogen that can then be stored and used to produce electricity, from which the only emission is water vapor.

Part of a $7 billion investment into clean hydrogen hubs

The total of $7 billion funds to be invested through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are being divided into hydrogen hubs located in seven US regions.

This latest funding round of $750 million is specific to H2 production and use through electrolyzers and fuel cells. Moreover, the electrolyzers used to produce the H2 will be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

1.3 million tons of low-carbon energy

The electrolyzers receiving funds from this DoE investment will each be able to generate 1.3 million tons of clean hydrogen per year. This is the equivalent amount needed to power about 14,000 US homes. 

Clean Hydrogen - US Flag - H2 Funding

Moreover, there will be enough fuel cells manufactured to power 15 percent of the medium- and heavy-duty trucks sold in the country per year, according to data released by the Department of Energy.

According to Jennifer M. Granholm, Energy Secretary, in a prepared statement, the projects will together “supercharge our progress” and will help to securely establish the United States as a clean hydrogen leader.  This long-term strategy will be “felt across the nation for generations,” she added.

Closing thoughts

hydrogen news ebookWhile this federal investment into clean hydrogen is not without its controversy, it does have the potential to provide the United States with substantial support in decarbonization, boost the development of a domestic H2 economy, and ensure the US is a top global player for this type of energy.

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