Canada devotes $82 million to renewable energy

Canada devotes $82 million to renewable energy

May 22, 2013 Off By Tami Hood

Canada continues to be a hub for renewable energy innovation

Canada has been showing some strong support for various forms of renewable energy in recent years. The country is home to several ambitious projects concerning the use of hydrogen fuel and wind energy. The Canadian government is one among several around the world that is beginning to consider climate change to be a serious threat. While the government may be unable to devote the entirety of its resources to the support of renewable energy, the government has announced that more funding will be funneled into this sector this year.

Funds to be dispersed among 56 projects

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced that more than $82 million in funding will be distributed through Natural Resources Canada’s ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative. Funds will be dispersed among 56 different renewable energy projects throughout the country. The projects receiving funding have been deemed innovative by the ecoENERGY initiative and cover various forms of renewable energy and their associated technologies.

Projects aim to raise awareness and promote clean technology

Roughly 15 of the projects that are being supported through ecoENERGY involve pre-commercialization demonstration of clean technologies. These projects aim to showcase t

Canada Renewable Energy

he feasibility of renewable energy systems for various purposes. The majority of the projects being supported through the initiative are research and development endeavors that aim to close the knowledge and experience gaps that exist in certain sectors of renewable energy and clean technology.

Canada has invested $10 billion in renewable energy since 2006

The funds will be issued to these renewable energy projects through March 31, 2016. The projects being awarded these funds have been listed on the ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative site. Government officials expect that these projects will help bring more progress to the field of renewable energy in the coming years. The Canadian government has devoted more than $10 billion to renewable energy and sustainability since 2006. The government plans to continue its support of renewable energy well into the future.

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