Cadent, SGN and National Grid Gas Transmission partner for Capital Hydrogen program

Cadent, SGN and National Grid Gas Transmission partner for Capital Hydrogen program

April 27, 2022 0 By Angie Bergenson

The study is meant to help get H2 started as a part of London’s net zero carbon target for 2030.

Cadent, SGN and National Grid Gas Transmission will be working on a hydrogen program that will create a vision for London as it pursues its net zero carbon goal for 2030.

The benefits of the program are expected to expand beyond London and into the rest of Britain as well.

The Capital Hydrogen program is beginning its first stage which will involve a study for London and the South East region. After this step will be projects that will continuing for the next 15 to 20 years.

The transition to low-carbon H2 is meant to play a role in the London mayor’s commitment to bring the city to a net-zero carbon position by the end of the decade and to contribute to the broader UK government commitment to achieve that same goal by 2050.

Hydrogen program - Gas Grid

Before the projects can begin, a feasibility stage will take place. This is meant to determine how much H2 is likely to be required to meet London’s needs over the next three decades. It will also examine where the fuel will be produced and stored, in addition to how it will be transported for distribution.

The hydrogen program will look into how the gas grid will play a role in H2 distribution.

It will investigate the way the grid will distribute H2 on its own as well as blended into the existing network until 100 percent H2 can be distributed on its own dedicated infrastructure.


The Thames Estuary has been identified as having potential both for the production and the use of low-carbon H2, decarbonizing the gas-fired power generators and industry located nearby. By understanding London’s demand for the fuel, it will also provide potential in stimulating production at other nascent energy hubs, such as those in Bacton in Norfolk and Southampton. The feasibility study will examine the way gas networks will be able to play a role in both production and demand.

The research stage of the hydrogen program is expected to reach its conclusion in October 2022. It will also place the spotlight on views from key stakeholders, which will be collected collaboratively by Cadent, SGN and National Grid Gas Transmission over the next half year.

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