CFCL to offer fuel cells for free in the UK

CFCL to offer fuel cells for free in the UK

July 26, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited launches ambitious new campaign

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL), a developer of solid oxide fuel cells, has announced an ambitious new campaign to help promote the adoption of fuel cell energy systems. Hydrogen fuel cells are typically the most popular type of fuel cell that consumers are aware of, but fuel cells come in a variety of forms that cater to different purposes. Solid oxide fuel cells, for instance, are usually larger fuel cell systems that are widely used throughout the industrial sector. These same fuel cells can be scaled down, however, to be used for residential energy purposes.

Campaign seeks to boost adoption of clean technology

CFCL has launched a campaign through which it is offering fuel cells for free. The fuel cells that the company is offering are part of its BlueGen line, which are designed to provide electrical power to homes and small businesses. The campaign is currently restricted to the United Kingdom and only available to those that meet the company’s application guidelines. CFCL expects that housing developments and similar such residential projects will be the primary recipients of its fuel cells.

CFCL - UK Fuel CellsInitiative removes upfront cost of expensive energy systems

Fuel cells have become notorious for how expensive they are. The costs associated with purchasing and installing these energy systems makes them extremely exclusive and beyond the reach of most consumers. CFCL believes that it can generate more hype around fuel cells and highlight the benefits of these energy systems by simply offering them for free. Doing so eliminates the prohibitive upfront costs of these energy systems and makes them significantly more available to a wider range of consumers.

UK shows strong support for fuel cell technology

The United Kingdom is quickly establishing itself as a haven for the fuel cell industry. The country recently increased the feed-in tariff it has concerning fuel cells and their research and development. The country has a particular interest in hydrogen fuel cells because of how these energy systems are being used by the transportation sector. The UK has plans to establish itself as a leader in the hydrogen transportation space.

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