China’s alternative energy goals prove too ambitious to succeed, according to report

China’s alternative energy goals prove too ambitious to succeed, according to report

October 30, 2011 0 By Stephen Vagus

As the nations of the world strive to incorporate alternative energy, they are met with a harrowing realization: That their goals may be nothing more than fantasy.

When confronted with concerns about the climate, whether accurate or not, nations began to pursue alternative energy in earnest. These nations established lofty and somewhat ambitious goals for their energy use and how it would offset their environmental impact. China is among these nations which have scrambled to adopt alternative energy. Like so many others, however, China will be unable to reach its energy goals.

A new report from Climate Action Tracker, an independent science-based research organization, details how the nation’s fight against climate change may be futile. According to scientists from the research group, China will likely meet its short-term goals concerning sustainability due, in part, to the nation’s relentless pursuit of alternative energy and its associated technologies.

However, rapid growth in population, industry and economy will lead to higher carbon emissions than previously speculated.

Despite its future shortcomings, however, China remains the only large-population nation to make promising progress toward sustainability. The nation currently boasts of some of the most eco-friendly government policies in the world, surpassing those of the U.S. and Germany. Scientists note that China can, indeed, meet its alternative energy goals, but with nothing less than a herculean effort. For China to succeed at this point, it would need to adopt sweeping policies that put the nation’s focus exclusively on alternative energy.

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