China again increases solar energy target

China again increases solar energy target

September 20, 2012 0 By Alicia Moore

Government increases solar energy target for the fourth time in a year

China has shown a keen interest in alternative energy. Solar energy, in particular, has managed to acquire much of the country’s enthusiasm regarding sustainability. Over the past year, the Chinese government has provided targets concerning the country’s solar energy capacity, claiming that these targets reflect the country’s overall progress with its various solar energy systems. The government has, over the past year, changed this target three times. Now, China has announced yet another solar energy target that is double that of the previous estimate.

Solar energy continues to grow in popularity in China

The solar energy target represents the overall solar energy capacity the country expects to boast of by 2015. Initially, the target was set at 5 gigawatts. The target has, over the past year, quadrupled to 25 gigawatts. The rate at which the solar energy target is growing suggests that China is seeing better-than-expected progress in its solar energy initiatives. The country has become a significantly powerful force in the photovoltaic solar panels market and has been behind the development of innovative solar technologies that could make harnessing the power of the sun a more efficient endeavor.

China again increases solar energy target

China forecasts 40 GW of solar energy capacity by 2015

China now expects to reach 40 gigawatts of solar energy capacity by 2015. An officer with China’s National Energy Administration has confirmed the new solar energy target and notes that there will no longer be a cap on the estimated solar capacity of the country. The increase in the country’s solar energy target is largely due to the growing momentum of home-based solar energy systems and solar installations adopted by large businesses. China has a keen focus on large-scale, on-grid solar energy plants, which will provide electricity for large portions of the country.

Increased solar energy target may have bearing on overarching energy plan

Because China has increased its solar energy target, the country’s overall sustainability and alternative energy targets will also have to be re-evaluated. China’s overarching energy plan had called for no less than 50 gigawatts of electricity to be generated through renewable sources by 2020. This is likely to be increased to at last 100 gigawatts, though China has not made an official announcement concerning this matter.

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