China is beating the EU in wind energy capacity

February 12, 2016 0 By Bret Williams

China has overtaken the EU in wind installations thanks to projects developed in 2015

China has made impressive progress in expanding its wind energy capacity over the past year. The country has overtaken the entirety of the European Union in terms of total installed wind capacity, according to the European Wind Energy Association. In 2015, China reached the 145 gigawatt milestone, making it a leading force in the wind power sector. During 2015, China installed three times more wind capacity than what had been installed in the EU.

EU will need a long term strategy to beat China in terms of wind installations

The European Wind Energy Association notes that a long term strategy may need to be put in place if the EU wants to reclaim its leadership in the wind energy space. The organization suggests that China now has more ambition when it comes to wind power than the European Union. This could become a problem in the coming years, as the EU may begin to fall behind in terms of the development of clean technologies, such as highly efficient wind turbines.

A strong domestic market may ensure the continued growth of the wind power sector

China - Wind EnergyCurrently, only six of the 28 EU Member States have made strong commitments to wind power and other forms of clean energy. The European wind industry also accounts for a 40% share in the global wind market, but a greater focus on a strong domestic market will ensure that Europe can continue to compete with China. As wind continues to grow, it is also becoming less expensive, making it easier for countries to embrace this form of clean power.

Wind energy is becoming a more attractive form of clean power

In terms of renewable energy, solar currently leads the way as the most popular and well supported forms of clean power. Wind energy is gaining momentum, however, especially in countries where offshore projects are viable. China’s access to vast expanses of open land give it the ability to take advantage of strong wind currents, which makes wind energy projects quite valuable in the country.

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