DOE to invest $21 million to support the growth of solar energy

February 11, 2016 0 By Alicia Moore

New funding will help the solar sector find more success

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced $21 million in funding for the purpose of lowering the cost of solar energy and make it more accessible throughout the country. Approximately $13 million of this funding will be used to help states take advantage of the rapidly falling price of photovoltaic technology. States will be able to take advantage of this trend through economic strategic planning, with a new program launched by the Department of Energy that is designed to provide economic analysis services.

States will need aid to ensure they can embrace solar power effectively

Another $8 million in funding will be committed to research and technology adoption. This funding will aid in the research of photovoltaic technology and how this technology can be used to make states more environmentally friendly. Solar power has become an attractive option for states interested in renewable energy and more of these states are beginning to take note of the falling cost of clean technology.

Analytical services will ease the adoption of solar power

Solar Energy InvestmentIn order to take advantage of solar technologies, states may need technical and analytical assistance. The Department of Energy expects its funding to be able to provide support for programs that offer such assistance. These programs are likely to make it easier for states to understand the impact of solar installations and the benefits that these energy systems could have. Such support may accelerate the development of new solar projects and encourage the adoption of this form of clean power in new sectors.

Country continues to show strong support for solar energy and other forms of clean power

The United States has installed some 24 gigawatts of solar capacity through the SunShot initiative. The program was launched by the Department of Energy to direct the adoption of solar energy and ensure that the solar sector has the funding it needs to flourish. The country is also interested in other forms of clean power, but solar energy is expected to become one of the top priorities for the country in the coming years.

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