China is growing more ambitious with renewable energy

July 9, 2014 0 By Tami Hood

China - renewable energy

China is set to reach new heights when it comes to clean power

China has established itself as a leader in renewable energy, especially when it comes to investments, but the county is not willing to fall into complacency when it comes to sustainability. The Chinese government is ready to push for more success in its expansion of a clean energy infrastructure, adding new sources of wind, solar, and hydropower capacity. A new report from GlobalData, a research and consulting firm, predicts that China will reach a new milestone in terms of clean energy capacity because of its latest efforts.

20% of China’s electrical power may come from renewable sources by 2020

The report predicts that no less than 20% of China’s total energy generation will come from renewable sources by 2020. The Chinese government is beginning to enact new policies that favor the use of clean power and investment activity in the energy sector has been accelerating. The government wants to see new clean energy systems installed throughout the country in order to combat air pollution, reduce its current energy expenditures, and embrace a more sustainable future.

Government begins looking for ways to reduce air pollution

China is currently the world’s largest producer of carbon emissions. The country has been heavily reliant on fossil-fuels for several years, using coal and oil to power its massive industries. The use of these fuels has lead to rampant air pollution in many parts of the country. Air pollution is so bad in some of China’s largest cities, such as Beijing, that it is being linked to serious health issues, like lung cancer. Fossil-fuels are becoming a very costly problem for the country, and investing in renewable energy may be a solution.

Provinces are taking steps to reduce harmful emissions and adopt clean energy

The Chinese government recently introduced severe carbon intensity and energy intensity reduction targets. These targets call for measures to be taking to reduce energy consumption and the production of harmful emissions. These targets have been adopted by China’s various provinces, which are taking aggressive steps to become more environmentally friendly and embrace clean energy.

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