EV sales grow as China becomes invested in clean transportation

May 30, 2014 0 By Alicia Moore

Clean Transportation - Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicle sales are growing throughout China

Electric vehicles are becoming quite popular in China. Many Chinese consumers are expressing concerns for the environment and how the extreme air pollution in some of the country’s largest cities may be causing serious health issues. The Chinese government shares in these concerns and has been taking steps to reduce emissions by targeting the transportation sector with new regulations. Some cities have also placed strict limitations on traditional vehicles and how many can be sold in a given year, hoping to mitigate the emissions associated with these vehicles.

Sales increase by 38% over what they had be in 2012, reaching more than 17,000 units sold in 2013

The Chinese electric vehicle market has seen a 38% year-on-year increase in unit sales in 2013 compared to what it had seen in 2012. A total of 17,643 electric vehicles were sole throughout the country last year and these vehicles now account for approximately 0.08% of the Chinese transportation market. Sales are extremely low when compared to more conventional vehicles, which is why city governments and the national government are taking steps to incentivize the purchase of clean vehicles.

New initiatives help promote clean transportation

This year, new initiatives were launched by the local and national governments of China. These initiatives are meant to lower the financial burden associated with purchasing electric vehicles. These initiatives help encourage consumers to purchase electric vehicles, but there are also other measures being taken to reduce the number of traditional vehicles that are on the roads of major cities. Some of these measures are limiting the number of license plates that can be issues for traditional vehicles, effectively removing excess vehicles from roadways.

Automakers are bringing their clean vehicles to China

China is very likely to become the world’s most attractive market when it comes to electric vehicles and clean transportation. Major automakers, like BMW, have plans to bring their clean vehicles to the country in the near future. Fuel cell vehicles are also becoming quite popular throughout Asia, alongside battery electrics. These vehicles are beginning to find some traction in China.

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