Top Tips to Choose the Right Solar Air Conditioner Brand

June 26, 2021 0 By Guest Author

Looking for a way to upgrade your home? If you live in a hot and humid region, one of the main considerations for a comfortable home is the air conditioning. You need a high performance AC to keep your home cool throughout the year.

But this comfort comes at a cost. Air conditioning is one of the main consumers of electricity in residential properties. This means you have to contend with high energy bills unless you find an alternative. Well, a solar air conditioner comes in handy for this situation.

Like a conventional AC, a solar AC relies on electricity to keep your home cool. However, solar powered AC units harness clean solar energy instead of relying on the grid. This is one of the smartest home improvement ideas for a modern home.

With so many solar AC brands on the market, which one do you choose? This post delves into solar AC technology and suggests how to choose the best brand.

Why Invest in Solar Air Conditioning?

The solar air conditioning includes the rooftop solar panels which convert sunlight into DC electricity. The inverter then converts this into AC electricity for your air conditioner and other home appliances.

This clean technology saves you a lot of money and reduces reliance on the national grid. With clean solar energy you get an alternative to fossil-fuel powered energy which is harmful to the environment. With the right energy storage, you can go fully off-grid and make your home more energy efficient. A solar air conditioner is a long-term investment which also increases your home’s value.

Choosing the Best Solar AIR Conditioner Brand

If you want to revolutionize your home with affordable and more energy efficient air conditioning, here are some tips to help find the best brand.

1. Check the Brand

A solar air conditioner is a huge investment and upgrade for your home. For such an investment, find a reliable brand with a reputation in the heating and cooling industry. Look for a brand that’s easily recognizable. Such a brand has a reputation to protect and their products meet the highest standards.

You can also choose a startup in the AC industry if it has built a name for high quality products. The HVAC industry is huge and while a few brands dominate the market, you have other upcoming brands that have refined their products.

For solar air conditioning, think beyond the top brands and instead look for a brand with a solid reputation in solar technology. Most of the top brands in the HVAC industry are late entrants to solar technology. Look for reliability and the technology behind the product you wish to buy.

2. Read Reviews

How do you know if a solar company has good products? Start with online reviews and testimonials. The internet is a treasure trove of information and this is where you can find helpful details about any brand.

Check what other users have said about a specific brand before investing your money in the product. If you find multiple complaints about a particular brand, don’t risk your money. The best idea is to search for specific reviews about the brand you have in mind and check what others have to say.

3. Visit Comparative HVAC Websites

One good place to find the right solar AC system is on HVAC comparison platforms. These platforms feature independent and professional reviews by HVAC technicians and feedback by users. Check the brand you have in mind against others in the solar energy products segment. You’ll learn how specific brands rank against each other based on qualified assessment by HVAC and solar energy experts.

4. Warranty

Does your brand offer the best warranty on their solar air conditioning products? The best solar energy companies offer long warranties on their products as proof of their reliability. If a brand offers over 10 years warranty on their air conditioning, you’re assured that this is a high quality system. Such warranty covers any repairs or maintenance carried out by certified technicians.

5. Energy Efficiency Certification  

While a company can market their products as energy efficient, the only way to verify this is through independent certification. Look for ENERGYSTAR, and SEER certification which guarantees you the products have undergone stringent certification processes for energy efficiency. The Enovatek air conditioner has the coveted ENERGYSTAR label which assures you of cost-savings.

Top Tips to Choose the Right Solar Air Conditioner Brand

6. Range of Solar AC Products

Every property owner has unique cooling needs and they need an AC that suits them. A good brand offers a wide variety of solar air conditioners and hardware to suit different customer needs. Look for solar off-grid ACs or hybrid products. The best brand also supplies the rest of the hardware including solar PVs, inverters, fuse protection, air switches, lightning arresters, and others.

7. Reliable Technical Support

Look for a brand that offers consistent and reliable customer support for the installation and maintenance of the solar air conditioner. A good brand will have dealers who handle the installation servicing and all other aspects of maintenance.

Final Thoughts  

If you want to leverage the power of solar in air conditioning, look for the best brand and get yourself a solar air conditioner. This system saves you money and helps you contribute to environmental conservation.

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