How to Choose a Heat Pump Installer – Important Questions to Ask

August 28, 2021 0 By Guest Author

If you are looking for a cost-effective, reliable, and long-lasting way to keep your house warm, then you might be thinking about installing a heat pump system. Whether you decide to use an air source heat pump or a ground source heat pump, it is important for you to think carefully about who you hire to be your heat pump installer. A few reasons why this is so important include:

  • Selecting the right heat pump installer can reduce your chances of having to deal with repairs in the future.
  • If you hire the right installer for your heat pump system, you might be able to keep your utility bills lower. 
  • If you heat pump is installed properly, it should last longer.
  • An MCS certified heat pump installer can answer a lot of questions for you regarding the operation of your heat pump system. 

Clearly, there are numerous reasons why you should think carefully about who you hire to work on your heat pump. Even though there are plenty of installers available, what questions should you ask to find the right installer? 

How long have you been installing heat pumps? 

One of the first questions you should ask is how long they have been installing heat pumps. Heat pumps have undergone a lot of changes during the past few years. You need to find someone who has experience working with heat pumps because there is a better chance they have worked with your specific system. Furthermore, there are potential issues that could arise during the installation process. If you have an experienced heat pump installer, they should be able to handle these issues and get your heat pump installed on time and correctly. Try to find someone who has experience installing heat pumps. 

Have you worked with my specific type of system before? 

Next, you may want to ask if they have worked with your specific system before. For example, if you have a ground source heat pump, you may want to find someone who has experience working with ground source heat pumps. On the other hand, if you have an air source heat pump, the need to find someone who has experience working with an air source heat pump. Different heat pumps work in different ways. If you hire someone who has worked with your specific heat pump in the past, then you have a better chance of getting your heat pump installed properly. 

Are you willing to provide me with a list of references? 

You may want to ask if they are willing to provide a list of references. Anyone who is serious about winning your business should be able to provide you with a few references. If they do not provide a list of references, you may want to work with someone else. It is important to follow up with these references to see what their experience is like. If their past clients and customers have mostly good things to say, then you may have found the right installer. Ask the client if the installer was professional, arrived on time, and if the heat pump is still working. If heat pumps they installed in the past are still functional, this is a good sign.

Are you properly licensed and insured? 

You also need to see if the heat pump installer is properly licensed and insured. Licensing is important because this is a reflection of their dedication to the field. You also need to make sure they have insurance. Insurance is important because it protects both you and the installer. Even though you do not think anything is going to go wrong, accidents can happen from time to time. There are situations where this can lead to significant damage. Instead of having to worry about hassling the installer to cover the cost of damages, you can reach out to the insurance company instead. Make sure the installer has good insurance before you hire them to work on your heat pump system. 

Is your company MCS certified?

Finally, you need to make sure the company is MCS-certified. This certification is important because it indicates a strong knowledge base regarding heat pump systems. This is an industry-wide quality assurance program, demonstrating that the company and its professionals are reliable, professional, and experienced. If you do not work with a heat pump installer that has this certification, then they may not know how to properly install your system. If the company is willing to provide proof of MCS certification, they have the training and experience necessary to work on your heat pump. 

Visit the Directory of Certified Installers to Find Your Next Heat Pump Installer

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Ultimately, it is critical for you to find certified installers who understand how to install your heat pump system. If your heat pump system is installed properly, you can reduce your utility bills, improve the efficiency of your system, and avoid repairs down the road. If you would like to find a properly certified heat pump installer who can help you with your system, then take a look at our directory today. There are probably several installers in the local area who have the proper licensing, insurance, and certification to work on your system. If you hire the correct installer, you place your heat pump in the best position possible to have a long and productive life.

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