Clean technology and renewable energy are growing throughout the US

June 24, 2015 0 By Alicia Moore

Several states are leading the way in clean technology advancement

Clean technology is gaining prominence in the United States, where several states have begun investing quite heavily in the development of environmentally friendly energy systems and their associated technologies. Clear Edge, a research organization, has released its latest Clean Tech Leadership Index report, which ranks states based on their support of clean technology. According to the report, California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Colorado, and New York are leaders in new technology and sustainability.

Solar energy is gaining significant momentum across the country as states begin supporting renewable energy

The report notes that the country is currently experiencing a significant shift in its energy landscape. Clean technology is beginning to play a major role in the country, which has become interested in distancing itself from fossil-fuels in favor of renewable energy. Solar energy, in particular, has proven to be quite attractive in many states, especially those that receive a significant degree of solar radiation throughout the year.

Utility-scale wind and solar are gaining momentum nationwide

United States - Renewable Energy GrowthLast year, wind and solar energy experienced significant growth throughout the U.S. Utility-scale wind power grew by 27%, whereas utility-scale solar grow by 20%. Together, these two forms of renewable energy comprised nearly half of the new energy generation capacity in the country. The report from Clear Edge shows that 11 states now generate more than 10% of their power from renewable sources, with three states — Iowa, South Dakota, and Kansas — producing more than 20% of their power from renewable sources. Clean technology is thriving in California, where investments in new energy systems has increased rapidly over the past few years.

Renewable energy is becoming a major priority for the United States

Renewable energy and clean technology are expected to play a larger role in the United States in the coming years. The country is working to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly and intends to make significant cuts to the emissions it produces every year. Renewable energy also represents an economic opportunity for the country.

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