Climate change could become a serious threat by end of century

Climate change could become a serious threat by end of century

August 3, 2017 0 By Alicia Moore

New study shows only a small chance to accomplish one of the goals of the Paris Agreement

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a scientific and intergovernmental organization formed by the United Nations, has released its latest assessment on climate change. The new study from the organization highlights a major challenge that faces the Paris Agreement. According to the study, the world has only a 5% chance to avoid temperature increases of 2 degrees Celsius by the end of this century. This could have serious implications for the future, as severe climate change may no longer be avoidable.

Growing carbon intensity and recent population trends are affecting the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement was formed by 195 countries and tasks many of the world’s governments will fighting climate change. These countries are working to reduce emissions and the consumption of fossil-fuels in order to mitigate shifts in global temperatures. Keeping the temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius may soon be completely impossible. This is partly due to government inaction, but the study also highlights that several economic and world population trends are affecting this. The study predicts that technological advances will help reduce carbon intensity by 90% throughout the century, but the global population is expected to reach 11 billion by 2100. Population concentration is expected to increase carbon intensity, thereby increasing the amount of emissions produced.

Climate change could lead to serious life of life in the future

Climate change could have very serious consequences for the world. Another recent study from the University of North Carolina suggests that climate change could lead to some 60,000 deaths globally by 2030. By 2100, the number of deaths caused by this phenomenon is expected to reach 260,000. Many of these deaths will be due to rapidly rising temperatures, which will make air pollutants more acute.

Avoiding further increases in temperature is becoming a priority

While the world may only have a 5% chance to avoid a 2 degrees Celsius increase in global temperatures, the IPCC is highlighting the importance of stopping greater increases in temperature. If action is not taken, the impact of climate change can become more severe, leading to a significant increase in loss of life and causing serious economic and political disruption in many parts of the world.

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