Toyota seeks to establish a hydrogen society

Toyota seeks to establish a hydrogen society

August 4, 2017 0 By Stephen Vagus

Automaker has plans to help build a hydrogen society

Japanese automaker Toyota is poised to take hydrogen fuel more seriously in the coming years. The Toyota Mobility Foundation has announced plans to launch a project focused on developing a hydrogen society. Through this project, the organization aims to develop hydrogen-powered communities. Such communities would use fuel cells to generate the electricity they need. These communities would also be populated with vehicles equipped with fuel cells, which produce no harmful emissions.

New project aims to reduce the cost of fuel cells

Toyota has been testing the capabilities of fuel cells beyond the transportation space for several years. The company has shown that these energy systems can be used to provide electrical power to buildings and can even be used as a dedicated energy source in emergency situations. Now, Toyota intends to take fuel cells to new heights by using them to establish a hydrogen society. The project coming from the Toyota Mobility Foundation will take place over a five-year period. One of the goals of the project is to significantly reduce the cost of hydrogen-based technology.

Japan has plans to build a hydrogen society as well

Toyota’s interests in building a hydrogen society align with that of its homeland, Japan. The Japanese government has plans to establish a hydrogen society in the coming years and has been investing heavily in fuel cells. Toyota has been working with several organizations in Japan to promote the use of fuel cells, particularly when it comes to transportation. Notably, all three of Japan’s leading automakers have come together to help build a hydrogen infrastructure, which will be used to provide the fuel that fuel cells need to operate effectively.

Overcoming the challenges that face fuel cells may be difficult

Building a hydrogen society can be a challenging endeavor. Currently, fuel cells face many challenges. These energy systems are notoriously expensive, making them an unattractive option when compared to other renewable energy solutions. Lacking infrastructure support is also a problem to overcome. As a hydrogen infrastructure becomes more established, fuel cells may become more popular, especially as technological advances make these energy systems more inexpensive.

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